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Are you ready to welcome T-Building?

Welcoming T-Building in your life means above all to be willing to discover every day something new about yourself.
In this page you can read the instructions to verify if you’re ready to start a new life with T-Building.
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New ways of life

Imagine an energy which wants to help us manifest endless abundance.

Imagine that this energy has an infinite potential and wants to play with us in order to create new life scenarios for everybody with the help of our thought and heart.

How would you use this?

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Thanks to these connections T-Building helps us to approach the truth, the consciousness of ourselves and of nature. It also helps us to improve the consciousness we are not alone in this “job” for Change, as it helps us to understand that we are always supported by a friend energy. Laura T-Building's Ambassador

T-Building Network

For the community and for the Earth T-Building is creating a network of people who are more conscious and courageous and willing to prepare and create the Change.

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Who We Are

"I describe myself as a sort of special architect. I could say a new generation type of architect."

I was born in Switzerland in 1974 but I have always lived in Italy where I obtained my degree in Architecture and my PhD at Politecnico of Milan.

In 2008 I felt the need to embark on a new journey to improve and change my life personally and professionally, so I decided to attend the PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop.

Caterina Locati


This section is dedicated to the most curious individuals: it shows a series of tests which were performed in order to to measure some effects of T-Building. See more

T-Building Events

Would you like to try a physical or a distance connection with T-Building?

Or would you like your son/daughter to take part in a distance connection for children?

Discover all free events.

  • Group distance connections


    13 May 2015

  • Group distance connections FOR CHILDREN


    20 May 2015

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